BIG DADDY SWOLLS is an up and coming hip-hop artist out of California. With a classic West Coast vibe, his music combines hip-hop vocals and heavy dance beats that create unique and exciting new hits which everyone can enjoy. Having a natural drive for success and a passion for making new music, BIG DADDY SWOLLS is one of the most energizing new sounds out of the West Coast!


            While his music has always been upbeat and energetic, BIG DADDY SWOLLS has had his fair share of difficult experiences in life. Born Matthew Evans, he spent much of his younger years moving from city to city, as his single mother struggled to maintain the family. He often lived in towns that were notoriously rough, with violence and loss remaining a constant threat. During school, constant bullying forced his grades to slip and for Matthew to become very shy. His struggles never really ended, but soon BIG DADDY SWOLLS came to the important realization that no matter what, he would always be himself and nobody could change that. Refusing to give in, this attitude helped turn his life around for the better. Matthew served in the Marines after high school, which would inspire him to return to school for a business degree. Moving to Los Angeles, he worked as a body guard for artists like MC Hammer, Nicki Minaj, and other major names.


Working closely with these artists, he realized just how much he appreciated the music industry. After a chance encounter with a music producer at the gym, BIG DADDY SWOLLS realized that music could truly be an opportunity to not only tell his story, but to inspire others to live with confidence. As he continues to grow as an artist and experiment with new sounds, the heart of his music will always have a deep and genuine appreciation for life and good times, because they are inspired by the moments in his life where he was at his darkest.


            Currently, BIG DADDY SWOLLS is working hard to take his career to the next level. While he is inspired by music icons like PitBull and Nelly, what is most important to him is finding his own lane and staying authentic to himself. Sometimes this process is difficult, taking him months at a time to figure out the proper cadence or vocals for a song. The result however, is popular hits like “GET WITH THIS” that definitely make it worth the wait. This track has been one of his most popular to date, as it is a perfect example of his unique sound. It has a true dance beat that is filled with smooth break downs and BIG DADDY SWOLL’s signature vocal style. Other popular tracks by the artist include “BURN UP” and “Summertime”, filling the artist’s discography with a diverse range of sounds.

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